Science Shows:
Our fast-paced Circus Science Show lasts for one hour and fully engages your pupils to explore the concepts required for KS1 and/or KS2 Physical Processes.

By watching amazing circus and magic tricks, together with a splash of comedy, we bring forces and motion alive with practical examples and fun experiments, encouraging pupils to give their own observations and conclusions. It's the perfect mix of education and entertainment.

Our unique Circus Science Workshops then give your budding scientists the chance to put their observations into practice and also improve their balance and co-ordination. We offer a KS1 Circus Science Show followed by Workshops, or a KS2 Circus Science Show followed by Workshops, or the two Shows with a fewer number of Workshops.

We try to be as flexible as possible with Shows and Workshops, and are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.
What our Science Show customers say about us:
A HUGE thank you for sending Leanne to LPS last week. She was simply amazing with regard to her skills, her ability to engage the whole primary age range, her enthusiasm was infectious and her fun loving spirit was welcomed by all. She is a true asset to any company-I just wish she was a primary school teacher, she would be brilliant!\nEvery single child at LPS learnt something new last week and many went on to demonstrate their skills to the carnival audience on Friday night. It will be remembered as a fantastic week Steve, I cannot thank you enough for sending Leanne and promoting Circus Skills.\n