We can offer a Circus Skills Workshop for all abilities, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of a circus skills session.

Circus skills is fantastic for their co-ordination levels and helps peripheral vision but most of all for giving them a sense of achievement. They can learn a simple skill that no one else can do. This gives them an enormous sense of pride when showing off to their teachers or family at home.

All our instructors are highly experienced with SEN and disabilities and will structure their workshops accordingly.
What our SEN customers say about us:
Trainer is disibility
We have had shooting stars as part of our Arts Week for the last 8 years or more, and find that you are always excellent and the students have a ghreat time. will definately be booking next year!!
Mr Steve Grainger and his partner spent a whole week working with a group of 13 students aged 13 - 17 in January this year. The tuition was excellent, with workshops focusing on specific skills. An excellent variety of teaching methods was employed. A good awareness of the need to maintain interest levels was shown: activities were broken into manageable chunks which helped to maintain concentration. Excellent working relationships developed between tutors and learners. Students really enjoyed all aspects of Circus Skills Week, especially the show. This confirmed that the experience was valuable not only for developing physical, co-ordination skills but also inter-personal and communication skills. Changes in the students' body language were also noted during the week. To sum up: a very successful, worthwhile experience for students and staff, one which was generously resourced and efficiently managed by Mr Grainger and partner. Extremely good value for money.